We are looking for creativity and innovation in your ideas! Your idea can be a fire-fighting drone, a spy suit, a computer program, or just anything you could imagine! If you have infinite time and money, what would you create?

Share your idea and WIN awesome prizes and FREE workshop


15 October 2020


4 November 2020


THINK about your idea and show us what problem you can solve


DRAW your idea on a piece of paper or digitally


SHARE your idea on Facebook or Instagram and fill in the submission form (click the ENTER button above)


CADET (Ages 13 - 15)

Winner: Samytronix NANO kit

Runner up: Samytronix NANO base

RANGER (Ages 16 - 18)

Winner: Samytronix NANO kit

Runner up: Samytronix NANO base

COVID-19 special award

for the best project that contributes to tackle COVID-19

Winner: Samytronix NANO kit

All winners and runner ups will get FREE online (Zoom) workshop

How to ENTER?

  1. Think of an idea that can solve a problem or to make life easier in general. It could be big or small, helpful or fun, or a mixture of these. Be creative!

  2. Draw your idea and post it on Instagram or Facebook

  3. Tag @samytronix in your post and use the #SamytronixCompetition hashtag

  4. Fill in the submission form here (or click the ENTER button above) in the form, you will need to write a short description of the idea to support your drawing that tells us what you designed and why you designed it. This written description must be 150 words or less

  5. Both the form and the post should be submitted/uploaded before the deadline on the 15th October 2020


  1. You must be a student (Ages 13 - 18) in Victoria, Australia

  2. Your idea must be related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

  3. Represent the idea as a pencil drawing, painting, or other two dimensional (2D) artwork of some kind, or a CAD/technical drawing

  4. Maximum of one entry for each student

The competition is open to anyone of any skill level. While the drawing is somewhat important to show us your idea, it is the idea itself and your creativity that is more important, along with the 150 word description to explain why you have created what you did

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