Our Team


Samuel Alexander

CEO and Co-founder

His hobby in electronics sparked after becoming one of the finalists for the 2014 Google Science Fair, and a robotics competition at NASA. Samuel started developing the Samytronix hardware to help make it easier for his friends to learn Arduino.  After a variety of research and collaboration with Nicholas Patrick, in 2019 Samytronix started being introduced for elementary, high school, and college level. He believes that this coding tool can help introduce coding to every student.

Nicholas Patrick

Software Engineer and Co-founder 

Nicholas entered 'the world of coding' since grade 5 with Scratch by MIT Media lab. The first program he made was a spelling quiz game. He believes that a more intuitive learning path with visual programmings such as Scratch and Samytronix device provides a good entry point for beginner coders -- it is simple but does not eliminate the fundamentals of programming logic. Nicholas Patrick is currently a high school student who likes to take part in Competitive Programming competitions and Mathematics research. He has a hobby of teaching so he is often involved in introducing programming to children and in TOT (training of trainers) workshops.


Manjeeve Sookram

Hardware Engineer

Manjeeve became fascinated with design and technology from an early age. He is now an aspiring engineer and entrepreneur who wants to better the lives of other by sharing his passion in STEM. He participated in robotics workshops, competitions and other STEM related gatherings. Manjeeve is immensely motivated and exited to share the passion of creating. Manjeeve believes that STEM education is the key to empower the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Jallson Surjo

Head of Education

Samytronix Head of Education and workshop mentor, Jallson Surjo is a STEM educator, maker, and technology enthusiast that has over 12 years of experience as a technology integrator in Apple Education for schools in Indonesia. His passion to spread the culture of "makers movement" and the coding curriculum to schools is one of the reasons we are optimistic in carrying out our mission.