Our Mission

Early prototype of Samytronix Nano

Start with simple visual programming (Scratch for Arduino)

Our mission is to unleash the creative potential in each student by providing them with the right tool to create and solve the world challenges. We believe that by implementing the STEM curriculum and the "maker movement" we can prepare the next generation that have the critical thinking and creativity skills with a creator mindset rather than just being a consumer.

With this device, we want to bring coding education from the screen into the real world. We'd like to invite you to join us on our journey to bring creative and physical computing to the education world.

To simplify and introduce coding to newbies, we use Scratch based software developed by MIT Media Lab, which is a visual block programming platform. Scratch is used by millions of students around the world due to its well-known easy of use and convenience for starters. The programming language also fully aligned with the more advanced command-line programming language such as C/C++ and Python. "Live coding" interaction can also be done with Samytronix Nano, so we can test out our code in the real world as we are making it.

Many of our fellow students are involved in the process of designing the hardware, software and sample projects. We had a lot of feedback and inputs from them for our product and also new project ideas.

Here, Samytronix is not just a product, we are a student-centered community that carries learning activities and doing collaborative work. Our future work is to reach a wider range of students from beginner level (kindergarten) and pro level (such as college, and research student). We want to build a coding learning ecosystem with a broad impact.

Student centered -- We put our friends in critical role in constructing this device.

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