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Our Story


Early prototype of Samytronix Nano


Start with simple visual programming (Scratch for Arduino)


When our founders were in high school, a lot of their friends asked them "What is the easiest way to get started with coding and make things like you do?"


Our founders often recommended different platforms, but they realised that no coding or STEM learning platforms available at the time check all of these boxes:

  • Rich learning resources

  • Affordable

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Hands-on project

  • Open-source

  • Strong community support

So our founders decided to create one.

Samytronix started as a small learning center where Samuel and Nicholas began making the Samytronix NANO coding tool and teach their fellow students about coding fundamentals. Fast forward to now, Samytronix has conducted with workshops/training and worked with non-profits and schools to introduce coding to more students. As our operations have been successful in Indonesia, we want to offer the same products and services in Australia.

Many of our fellow students are involved in the process of designing the hardware, software and sample projects. We had a lot of feedback and inputs from them for our product and also new project ideas.

Here, Samytronix is not just a product, we are a student-centered community that carries learning activities and doing collaborative work. Our future work is to reach a wider range of students from beginner level (kindergarten) and pro level (such as college, and research student). We want to build a coding learning ecosystem with a broad impact.

Student centered -- We put our friends in critical role in constructing this device.

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