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Samytronix Nano Kit

Samytronix Nano is the perfect tool kit for students, teachers, and makers to bridge the gap between idea to creation.

Samytronix Nano is an Arduino-based coding learning tool that is equipped with LED lights, buzzers, buttons, potentiometers, temperature and light sensors. The kit can be expanded with other components such as servo motors, proximity sensors, microphone, and other wide range of electronic components without the need to solder, making it easy and inexpensive to develop. Samytronix Nano is compatible with various softwares ranging from S4A, mBlock, Arduino IDE, Kittenblock, Mind+, and Blockly making this device flexible to use in different platforms and compatible with Mac and Windows OS. You can make various types of projects starting from traffic light to a more complex musical instrument infrared sensor. Everything is possible with Samytronix Nano!


Currently only available in Indonesia

(via Tokopedia)

> Samytronix Nano:

- Arduino Nano

- 4 x LEDs

- 2 x push buttons

- 2 x potentiometers

- buzzer

- light sensor

- temperature sensor

- 2 x analog input/output

- 4 x digital input/output

- mini USB to USB cable

> Accessories:

- alligator clips

- distance sensor (IR)

- sound sensor

- servo

- battery clip (9V)

> Project Book (20 projects)

Recommended for AGES 10+
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