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Learn to code and have fun along the way


Made for the curious generation

Samytronix Nano Kit is a very hands-on learning platform for students. It is a coding tool kit for the curious generation. With project-oriented based learning, it is simple and engaging to learn the fundamentals of coding and STEM.


Simple and affordable to start experimenting, coding, and creating your own inventions

What they are saying...

Alex Kurniawan

"In dealing with Industrial Revolution 4.0, as a parent, I want my son to have the ability to create programmable things. I chose Samytronix Nano for my son because it is simple, easy to learn, and very applicable in life. My son really enjoys using his Samytronix Nano kit."

Feilin Liangga Putri

“When I first got my hands on the Samytronix, I immediately got interested and want to explore more. The more I use it, the more addictive it becomes to me. This kit enables me to apply maths and algorithms concepts in the real world. On top of that, I can also make fun games to play with friends using variables and formulas. So, I really recommend Samytronix to anyone who is interested in learning programming.”

Dhadhang SBW
Sekolah Robot Indonesia

"One of the reasons we wanted to use Samytronix is because it is easy, affordable, open source and it is based on Arduino."

Ridham Muliarianto
 Primary Teacher

"Samytronix is a simple and fun tool to help children understand the digital world around them. It provides a stepping stone to the more advanced world of computer programming and electronics."

Kevin Liem

"With the Samytronix kit, I can learn to code in a much easier way, and I can also use the Samytronix as a game controller. The best thing for me is using the Samytronix kit to make an automatic trash can where it opens by itself when the sensor is triggered."

Wahyu Kurniawan
Comp Science Teacher

"I've been teaching Computer Science for years and in this area that I call ‘serious coding’ your program will not work if there's a missing character. Samytronix offers fun coding practice where you can do many things with just several lines of code! You can be more creative to do a lot of things, and 'the sky is the limit'. I strongly recommend this device for young people to start learning to code. It's easy, fun, and awesome!"

Patrick Dawson

"The Samytronix kit is more than just electrical parts being put together to make an electronic kit. It helps me to train my logic in simple and understandable way. The Samytronix kit itself also makes it easier to learn how to code because you can interact with all the buttons and sensors in the kit to see what program does what after you code it."


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